09 July 2007

MySpace technical woes.

I, as many, have a page on MySpace (www.myspace.com/lapsusmentismusic). There's always been little niggles with MySpace, occasional "an error has occurred" messages, which I put down to shoddy Fusebox programming.

These days it seems the errors are occuring so frequently that the MySpace application is frustrating and almost impossible to use, without getting one of these errors. A large part of their problem lies in the success of MySpace and the huge amounts of traffic it generates. The architecture to support massive traffic volumes just wasn't there.

I found this interesting article that explains their technical woes and is a lesson to us all: http://www.doughughes.net/index.cfm?event=viewEntry&entryId=116


Phil said...

A large majority of ColdFusion and some Fusebox implementations are bloated garbage.

However, Fusebox can be used in very efficient and elegant ways and, like ColdFusion, does not equate to bad programming.

Dan said...

Thanks for your comment, I agree.

To be honest I've only dabbled in Coldfusion MVC's and in my experience most Fusebox tutorials, sample apps etc were a nightmare to debug. I also tried Model Glue, but only scratched the surface with that.