25 March 2008

The Statistics of Argh!

You know those days when you just cannae take it any more (Capt'n) and end up typing "AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" into Google? Yet have you ever wondered how many AAAA's RRRR's GGGG's and HHHH's to use?

Well here's the answer:

The most common spelling appears to be "argh", which is really more of an apathetic sigh than a gut wrenching scream of annoyance.

Only 14 people seem to have gone with my spelling of 5 A's and 15 R's. You certainly need more than one A to get it going and there definitely needs to be more R's in the "argh" as I consider that the "body" of the scream when it audibly starts to blend with the multitude of A's.

What the statistics don't show are the G's and H's which, in my opinion, round the scream off. You need a good few G's to release that guttural sound of pain, followed by a few strained, aspirated H's as your lungs, exhausted of air, begin to collapse.

You see? T'interweb has its uses!


18 March 2008

Use Weak References for Your Event Listeners

Please read this:

http://www.gskinner.com/blog/archives/2006/07/ as3_weakly_refe.html

Using weakly referenced event listeners means an object can be cleared during Garbage Collection even if there's an event listener acting upon it.

It's very useful when you're spawning / deleting a lot of objects, in my case bubble "bullets" that I'm firing at targets underwater.

It saved my bacon (and my forehead) as I've been banging my head on my desk wondering why objects I thought I'd removed still persisted in memory.

The fact it's not a default setting and not very well explained, nor is its importance highlighted (this should be stapled to the front of the Flash CS3/Flex DVD box), is bloody annoying.

Thanks Grant.