13 June 2007

Adobe UK Licencing Problems

A friend of mine is have a real nightmare upgrading to CS3. He purchaced a 24 month MVLP licence in January 2006 which entitles him to free upgrades within that period. Adobe seem to have forgotten this and after 7 weeks of frustration with Adobe, Paul still has no CS3!

Paul is self-employed and this delay has the potential to affect his business.

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I've had a similiar experience trying to change my Flex Builder 2 licence from PC to Mac, as my poor 3 year old PC couldn't cope with it! After multiple phone calls and hours on the phone and not getting through, I sent an email to customer support who said "as this is a licencing issue, please call our customer support line". Thanks for that useful message Adobe! Just what I wanted.

I tried to call a few more times, but decided it'd be easier using the Windows version of Flex Builder via Parallels on my Mac!

Here's another interesting article about Adobe pricing:http://web.mac.com/libine/iWeb/Site/Article.html

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