05 June 2007

Resolution to the Flash 3 mintue load! (And Acrobat Reader 8 and Firefox problems)

After a lot of trawling around and a lot of dead ends, the problem was actually font based.

I noticed that csrss.exe was at 100% when I tried to load Flash CS3, Acrobat Reader 8 and get into Google News. The only Microsoft resolution (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555021) suggests recreating your user profile - don't!

I couldn't find any other posts that had a solution to my problem, but I considered it could be font based as Flash CS3 freezes when "Initializing fonts".

In my system.ini file I noticed a list of .FON commands:


I removed these and now everything works fine!

I discovered that this is what Windows uses to emulate fonts in EGA and CGA monitors (it's 2007 for godssake!). So far, I've had no ill effects from removing them from my system.ini file.


Anonymous said...

I've had this problem with firefox for the last couple of years. Every time it happens, I open up IE and try to find a fix, but no one has seemed to figure this one out until now!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! This fixed it right up!

Dan said...

Thanks... just after I did this, I got the problem back about 3 weeks later for some reason!? I had 2800 fonts on my machine and I bought the Windows version of Extensis Suitcase. This allows you to uninstall all but the system fonts and reinstall them on a per document basis. This solved my Firefox/Acrobat/CS3 problems. So I also recommend buying decent font management software.

Anonymous said...

this solution didn't solve my problem, a small font fix program did, at the end (fifofo.zip) ciao, M

Anonymous said...

With about 2000 installed font on a XP machine, csrss.exe was burning 50% cpu during about 1mn when launching CS4 and firefox.
This fix also worked for me.
Thank you so so so so much. I had to live with this $!#&!! bug since so long !

Anonymous said...

How do i delete those file ?

-Utter Noob here, sorry.

BTW, how do i change back to defult fonts ?

ButterBricks said...
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ButterBricks said...

How do i go about deleting this files ?