09 February 2011

Flash Player 10.2 now available

Following my previous rant about some issues in FP10.1, you'll be pleased to know they're still there in 10.2. Obviously this fix is waiting for the 11.0 release.

Still, it's good to see that the CPU usage for video is vastly improved with Stage Video. However, this comes at a price as it bypasses the usual software rendering pipeline and passes the stream straight to the hardware. Therefore you can only rotate in 90ยบ increments and you can't skew, transform or convert to bitmaps. This is a pure video acceleration feature, which is good news as it saves battery time and will hopefully cause Apple to reconsider its increasingly irrational position regarding the FlashPlayer on iOS.

Although I wouldn't put much faith in that - Mac users beware - this is a known issue:
"On some Macintosh systems with NVidia 9400, GT 320, or GT 330 GPUs, live video streams render all black with hardware acceleration, or all white when using the software decoder."

Other new features include full-screen support for multiple monitors, hardware rendering support for IE9, custom native mouse cursors (use responsibly people!) and sub-pixel text rendering. That's great news if you're Chinese - you may actually be able to read something in 12pt. text!

This looks like a good "point" update, plus the 64-bit "square" version is now out of beta too. Time will tell if I have to go through my API's and fix a load of things as I did for FP10.1, but so far it looks impressive.

FlashPlayer 10.2 Download

FlashPlayer 10.2 Release Notes

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