20 January 2011

HTML5 or HTML? Fallen at the First.

I found recent developments from W3C and WHATWG rather humorous, as they don't seem to have agreed on the name for
HTML ... erm ... version 5.

W3C recently pushed out a load of marketing tat for HTML5 which includes a snazzy superhero-laundry-detergent logo and the geekiest t-shirts known to man.

"You have HTML5 on the brain. Tell the world!" is the message from W3C.

Shame nobody spoke to WHATWG, who are also working with W3C (supposedly) on the specification:

"HTML is the new HTML5" they declare on their blog. They suggest renaming HTML5 back to plain old HTML and dropping the version number. "Time to move on!", they say. What will W3C do with all those t-shirts!?

The sad truth is, the organisations that are creating the HTML(5) specification can't even agree on the name, which seems like a case of falling at the first hurdle and doesn't inspire confidence in future developments!


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