26 November 2008

YouTube Mashing

I was listening to BBC 6 Music, a cracking radio station that plays amazing new stuff you've never heard of, when I was sent the standard YouTube comedy clip of kittens doing silly things.

I was listening to Smoke Fairies - Living with Ghosts when I opened the kitten video.

By pure luck, I opened the video at the perfect moment in an almost seemless mix with the radio.

Try it yourself, follow these instructions:

  1. Load each video in a separate browser tab or window.

    Here's the Smoke Fairies video:

    And here's the "Lookin' Kitties" video:

  2. Press pause on both videos until they're completely downloaded.

  3. Cue the Smoke Fairies video to about 1:48

  4. In a quick manoeuvre, start the Smoke Fairies video, then flip to the kitties video and press play.

Goes together pretty well doesn't it?

So budding DJ's, get out there and start a new trend,
"YouTube Mashing" ! But don't forget, you heard it here first ;-)

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