09 May 2007

Adobe Flash CS3 - 3 minute load!?

I've just downloaded Flash CS3. It promises much, but at 1.2GB, the install seems a little on the large side. Along with Flash comes Adobe Bridge, Device Central (whatever that is), ExtendScript Toolkit (eh?), and the video encoder. I'm sure all of these apps will be quite useful, once I've got to know what they do.

To my annoyance, Flash CS3 seems to have been Adobefied in the same way as Acrobat Reader 8. Every time I try and open a pdf, no matter how big or small, Acrobat Reader grinds to a halt for about 5 minutes or crashes completely.

I have a 3GHz dual core machine with 2GB of RAM and it takes 3 minutes for Flash CS3 to start!

I'll put this down as a trial version quirk and hope the final version isn't as slow. But I'm not holding my breath, after 3 minutes I'd be clinically brain dead!


Anonymous said...

where can i get adobe flashcs3?on adobe they make me put company and stuff but im not even old enough to have a job in fact im not even a teen!

Dan said...

Blimey, you're keen! I wouldn't worry about it, just fill in the forms however you see fit and get registered. All that company name/address/size stuff is for statistical purposes. I'm sure Adobe are not ageist... maybe I'm wrong!?