24 March 2006

Hi there!


This is the first entry on this site... not terrible exciting for anyone reading it, but I've been meaning to build a website for 5 years and never got around to it! What the hell was I going to use as a domain name for starters? Anyway... it excites me in ways I'd rather not share on here.

So, let me explain what this site is about. Lapsus Mentis pretty much translates as "absent minded" and is what an Italian collegue of mine called me as she didn't know how to describe me in English. This blog, indeed this whole site, is my own personal web development reference, so I don't forget the stuff I've done, problems I've solved or all the other websites that have create tutorials and references.

I mostly develop sites in ColdFusion and use flash / flex fairly frequently, so I'm fairly savvy with Actionscript. I also no a fair bit of ASP, a dash of .NET and have dabbled with Java (mainly J2ME). I'm always learning new stuff - there's a lot to learn! In the future I'll be posting stuff about my trials with AJAX, Flex 2, and MVC's (Fusebox / model-glue).

Hopefully, my reference can become your reference. After most of what I've learnt over the past 5 years has been from forums and blogs like this, so it's high time I gave something back.

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Hi Dan,

just to /textbf{see} if it works!